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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to test whether this works with IDJ3 MIDI controller, if it works I will buy the pro version immediately for private use and prog

  • to dj at home and try midi mapping my controller. play around with sampling and test out whether i like the software or not. why does the text have to be this long?

  • djing and set production to have fun with my friends. The sound cloud option the best thing for fresh mixes.maybe if i find the mapping section i could mix from my home mixer

  • entertainment not that i will be a professional dj with this, but is just to use it in my spare time. So, please, let me download it for free.

  • am using the software as a dj in my country this is why am looking for the full free version so please if you no tou can be able to give me for f

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used virtual dj ableton live edjing is a good app to use also fl studio there are alot of apps and software out there but these are the best ones...

  • program similar but slightly different from ini.perbedaan that many sekali.berbeda in terms of effect and kualitasnya.di this application I found what I was looking for.

  • all of them professional dj since 1979 i have played in several large clubs playing Dance music over years now at home dj reitired discod

  • you are about to download mixvibes cross dj 3.2.2 from our server advantages i have used virtual deejay before this app and it was great to 1

  • traktor, scratch live, mixvibes midi controller. virtual dj. Started programming beats on Acid music V.1 and went to fruityloops, reason and

What do you like most about this program?
  • because its very interresting for mixing and playing in the clubfrom French developer Mixvibes, has undergone numerous updates over the past few years, resulting in an impressively extensive feature set. You can choose a free version, the best-selling Cross DJ, or the full-on Cross

  • easy to use and nice djing software i think it is better then virtual dj since it has many complications and malware making your computer to crash

  • Ease of use and the ability to engage in fooling stupid recognize systems programmed probably by a moron in moravia for a couple of bucks but seriously

  • mixing some good tunes and share it among who has the enthusiasm about it. It makes me feel happy. Specially as a hobby i would do this in my leisure time.

  • mixing music has always been a part of me and i found that using cross dj pro is probably one of the most stable pieces of software to use for this


Djing has changed so much these past few years, when you compare it with the scene during the 90’s and early 2000’s. MixVibes CROSS DJ represents that change offering a crossplatform way of working across different devices. Mixvibes presents this award-winning application as the ultimate software for club DJs, making the exportation of projects between different equipment configurations so much easier. Released for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android systems, MixVibes CROSS DJ gives you the indispensable tools for creating your mixes around the world either on your home or on the go with your tablet or smartphone.

MixVibes CROSS DJ for computers bases its functionality on supporting external mixing devices such as the whole CDJ Pioneer series, NI Kontrol X1 or the U-MIX CONTROL by the same Mixvibes team. The interface is just the same as other similar applications since it is almost the standard of the industry to display two virtual decks, and in this case the waveform of the playing tracks and below the tracklist. For touch devices, the interface has totally changed from the PC version, with simulated turntables as the main aspect of the app, showing the audio tracks seperately from the main window and focusing on direct control and applying effects in real-time.

MixVibes CROSS DJ stands out due to its quick settings and the combination of advanced features with simplistic mechanics

Although it may seem to be exactly the same as Traktor or Serato, MixVibes CROSS DJ stands out for its quick settings and the combination of advanced features and simplistic mechanics. Besides being an advanced treatment for mixing audio tracks, Mixvibes has included a video DJing feature for mixing your songs and video clips together in real-time without the download of external software for synchronizing them. This is a great addition for live shows since allows DJs to vary the clips depending on the song playing in the moment.

The main interface for PC  Mac versions
The main interface for PC Mac versions

How to use

For those users that have any experience with this kind of software, the way you use it replicates the functions of other similar applications. In the main window, there are two decks for putting the songs you want, choosing them from the playlist placed just below them. The default configuration won’t require you to modify any of the available options in the settings menu, but if you are planning to use MixVibes CROSS DJ with external devices, you will need to check the routing to do it right. Depending on the control surface you will use to connect, you will need to use an external soundcard for a DVS setup or it can work with a Pioneer CDJ plugin straight to your computer via a USB connection.

HID integration (Human Interface Device) makes the most of this virtual DJ software because of the vinyl control it offers. The use of digital audio formats with an analog appearance enhances your control of accurate scratching, ergonomics and incremental control over the mix with an additional mixer, thanks to the cross-fader and volume control. With the CDJ control surface, you will find all the functions mapped on the device automatically, which offers full compatibility with the application.

In case you have no experience mixing music, you can make good use of the BPM detector that will help the user to synchronize different tracks for better mixes

In case you have no experience mixing music, you can make good use of the BPM detector that will help the user to synchronize different tracks for better mixes using the beatmatcher functionality. The key detection helps to create harmonic mixes analyzing the tonality of the available tracks and highlighting those that are compatible with the one that is being played in the moment.

Manage your library the way you need
Manage your library the way you need

Put it again DJ!

Something that is highly appreciated among DJs is the music management, and without it a DJ software would be rendered somewhat worthless. Luckily, MixVibes CROSS DJ features a great manager for your music, being compatible with your iTunes library and also with Rekordbox, which also imports the HOT CUEs you set from MixVibes CROSS DJ to the Pioneer system. The bad news is that there is no reverse compatibility at the moment, so the changes you make on Rekordbox can’t be automatically exported to MixVibes CROSS DJ.

The Automix option makes the software choose the songs that will be played from the library automatically, an option that will save you time in the selection so you can focus on the technical aspect of the mix. If you use an additional virtual DJ program like Traktor or Virtual DJ, you can import the libraries you have used in these applications, keeping the changes you have made.

Synchronize your music with video clips
Synchronize your music with video clips

CDJ way of life

MixVibes CROSS DJ is mostly designed for being used along with the CDJ control by Pioneer. The default setup with this equipment couldn’t be easier since the only thing you need to do is connect the CDJ deck to the computer through a USB cable. This way, combining it with an additional mixer you can control every aspect of the program without using a computer at all, which allows you to perform mixes much faster than with a mouse.

All the necessary information for the application will be shown on the LCD display of the compatible device, and the controls fit exactly. This HID integration is carried without an external audio card, which is really good news in order to set up a quick configuration that will only take about 30 seconds to get started.

The full-featured Pioneer CDJ allows scratching digital tracks in a very realistic way, emulating the effects of analog vinyl. It also lets the DJ set locators while a song is being played without any complications. One of the interesting features of using this device along with CROSS DJ is that it also allows the DJ to mix video clips just as if they were audio tracks. Using the disc surface, you will be able to rewind and modify clips using the same controls as the audio.

Hot CUEs and beat grids are basic for your tracks
Hot CUEs and beat grids are basic for your tracks

3 ways to enjoy DJing

Mixvibes offers three different versions of CROSS DJ for computers, depending on the features you want to use. All these versions are available for Windows and Mac Operating Systems, offering the same functionalities, changing just the drivers they use. They also vary on the price, while the basic version is completely free; there are two more that increase their final price depending on the features you want.

All these versions are available for Windows and Mac Operating Systems, offering the same functionalities

The free version of CROSS DJ, includes the surname free to the name, features two decks for playing the songs you want to mix and three effects at the same time. The video features also include 2 video decks, the full video mixer collection, and 3 simultaneous effects for the audio part. Exporting video will place a watermark on your work. The external control surface only supports iOS remote functions, so it is really limited to live performances.

The following version of MixVibes CROSS DJ includes the same functions as the free edition besides 4 decks support, 14 effects instead of 3 for audio and 18 for video clips. Additionally, it shares most of its new functions with the complete version that are, full MIDI control, more than 80 mapping controller support, 2 samplers, multiple routing modes, the Rekordbox synchronization feature, slip mode and mix recording among other functions.

The definitive version of CROSS DJ is called only Cross. Although it may seem very similar it includes support for Pioneer CDJs devices, video sampler and support for digital vinyl and CD controllers. This version is the most appropriated for live shows, since it will give you full control of your remixes thanks to the full support of your DJ equipment.

Control your digital vinyl with your mobile device
Control your digital vinyl with your mobile device

Different mobile versions for the same style

Mixvibes releases CROSS DJ in any imaginable platform that is available today, with the exception for Linux and Windows Phone. This DJing application has been released for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android, with some notable differences between the computer version and the one designed for mobile devices, not only because of the interface but the workflow and features. The main window for all the mobile versions is divided into different parts, the CUE part, the volume and EQ and the FX section in which you will be able to find some fancy effects based on a x/y touchpad.

The version that stands out the strongest over the mobile version is the iPad app. It includes several controls like Cue/Play/Sync, different jog wheels and other functions usual for virtual DJing software. Both the iPad and iPhone version includes support for you iTunes library, which makes it very comfortable when it comes to creating playlists and synchronizing the content from your computer to the mobile device. The connectivity of the iPad allows using the application with you DJ equipment connecting all your components to an external audio card, routing the digital turntables and a mixer to the device in order to use it as if it were a laptop. Through the Mixvibes’ DJ CABLE, you can split out the sound signal, being able to monitor music with your headphones and speakers at the same time.

Your mobile library view
Your mobile library view

The iPhone version is a really powerful tool that will allow the users to make their own mixes anywhere in a short period of time. This is thanks to the immediate design that Mixvibes implements in the application, using your iTunes library the same way it does with the iPad version. This one may be limited to the mobile hardware, but it offers a perfect performance with the usual tools a DJ needs on professional software. Checking the filters and effects that are included on the app, you can download additional elements such as different Phasers, Hi-Pass filter and Echo effects. MixVibes CROSS DJ features the Automix feature which helps DJs to mix automatically the tracks on the playlist with the auto-sync function in a smooth way, letting the user focus only on the effects and EQ applicable.

The Android version does not count with the iTunes managements, but you can manage your tracks manually. Features are very similar, counting with a different interface. You can record your own sessions you create from the mobile device, and count with the same helping features offered on the iOS applications. Connecting your Android device to an external mixer makes it pretty useful for better sound control. The support for AAC, MP3 and FLAC formats among other audio files so you won’t have to worry about your files’ support once you have transferred them to your device. Although the performance is not that good comparing to the Apple’s version, MixVibes CROSS DJ for Android makes easier to become a professional DJ with a simple tool to learn.

MixVibes CROSS DJ 3.2.2 Features

Check the great features of MixVibes CROSS DJ for all its released platforms:

  • Full integration with iTunes sharing both the content you have included and the playlists you have created for saving time and avoiding duplicate work
  • Modular graphical interface divided in many parts for mixing audio and video, as well as adding effects and EQ
  • Use MixVibes CROSS DJ with Rekordbox, and similar DJ applications like Virtual DJ and Traktor for using your playlists, hot CUEs and beat grids you have created
  • Supports the main audio formats AAC, MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, AIFF, OGG, WMA and Apple Lossless to grant the best audio performance
  • Support for video clips that can be mixed along with your audio tracks using the same controls
  • Compatible with up to 4 decks at the same time for mixing songs without limit
  • Record your performances directly with MixVibes CROSS DJ without downloading external applications
  • Get full control with external HID devices such as Pioneer CDJ and digital vinyl controllers
  • Access and enable the remote control with the app designed for iPhone and iPad
  • Several editions available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android mobile devices and iOS
  • Advanced available editors for setting hot CUEs, beat grids, as well as video clips
  • Full support with your DJ equipment for your live club sessions

For getting further details before you download the application, check the official website by clicking on the following link.

System Requirements

Check the minimum resources your computer needs to run MixVibes CROSS DJ:

  • OS: Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor 2.1GHz or faster
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • HDD Space: 184.5MB free space at least

Requirements for mobile devices:

  • OS: Android 4.1 (4.3 version for recording features, iOS 6.0 or later)
  • CPU: Dual-core processor
  • Screen: 4" display or bigger
  • Memory: 1GB RAM