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game with unique features in this genre that you can not lose

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, June 8, 2015

It is a game of management and building deeper than it looks, but it has the virtue of presenting everything in a friendly manner and slightly intimidating, allowing the player to become familiar with the options to go getting deeper and deeper into the maze its possibilities and socio-political goings.

begins a career that can be approached from different points of view, as Tropico supports a good range of playing styles. The basic cycle is the same as most games of management and construction: houses for residents to have a roof over their heads was first built, then some kind of industry that generates jobs, wealth and resources, which should serve is created as a base to build basic services and leisure. From there it is when Tropico shows the personality that distinguishes it from other games. You can create a small social paradise, in which equality and the common good are aiming to achieve, but it is also possible to create a real tyranny, military and secret police responsible for neutralizing the rebel elements of society. The life of a hated President may be very short if drastic measures are not imposed, something that can happen both for murder as an electoral defeat when finishing a mandate to that threat though is always rescued rigging, easy to make from the Absolute power.


  • Extensive management options, varied and entertaining.
  • More affordable for beginners without losing possibilities.


  • Audiovisual looks almost identical to the previous installments



Respecting and enhancing formula found in the third part, Tropico 4 offers the player the chance to become President

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, August 17, 2015

Tropico 4 Tropico 3 has a lot of inside, maybe even too depending on how you look. For those who are new to the series, this title is a delight, as it captures the best elements of a good game as the third and improves many of the weaknesses. But for the veteran player it is a little more of it and you could be disappointed by the lack of surprises or twists in mechanical construction and management. Most of the strategies that worked in Tropico 3 will do so again in the quarter, and even some things are easier like winning the elections and therefore players will not feel the freshness that a new game should have. Screenshot tropico4_8.jpg Prompted reader that circumstance, Tropico 4 is a great game and even less fresh, is interesting enough and has many possibilities as to continue to invite long Caribbean games. Furthermore, the fact that a degree of FX Interactive on this occasion makes it particularly attractive compared with what came third. Tropico 4 comes with a great price of 20 euros, manual color, good presentation and completely in Castilian. For someone who has not played third, it is nothing short of imperative and a great buy; for veterans, is still a very good deal with hours of quality entertainment to offer. Of course, facing a fifth installment, Haemimont Games will take more risks. Improved based on good Tropico 3. An improved interface at their weakest points. Extensive management options, varied and entertaining. Excellent quality / price ratio. More affordable for beginners without losing possibilities.


  • Improved on the good base of Tropico 3.
  • An improved interface at their weakest points.


  • Little progress against the third party sometimes seems more expansion.




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What do you like most about this program?
  • it s a good experience acy like the president. can be understood the criticalness of the possiton and how to devolop thw society with godd manner .

  • I played Tropico 4 a while ago and really enjoyed it. Now that i got a new Pc i need the game again so i decided to use this cite. it seems easy enough

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  • creativity budget control intelligence excitement governing making decisions learning strategies on how to lead decide and govern in the exact time and budget


Tropico 4 is a strategy city-building videogame developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media. It’s the latest installment of the Tropico series, which has gone through three different studios to wind up in Haemimont’s hands, the team that developed the third Tropico and now tries again with a game that relies on many elements of the previous one, something that has benefits, but also some disadvantages.

Tropico 4 is much deeper than it seems, but it displays all its contents in a friendly way

The aim of Tropico 4 is the same as in previous versions: you play the role of El Presidente (The President), the ultimate authority in a little corner of the Caribbean where you must control the management of this small nation by constructing buildings, managing the economy and taking care of (or not) all the different social groups. Tropico 4 is much deeper than it seems, but it displays all its contents in a friendly way that allows you to get used to its options step by step.

A Little Piece of Heaven

Tropico 4 offers so many ways in which you can turn your little island into an important city, as it allows a wide range of gaming styles. The most common way to start is to build houses for the citizens, then create industries that generate different jobs, wealth and basic resources, which will serve as stepping stone to creating basic services and leisure buildings. At this point, Tropico 4 gives you many choices for your sprawling city: you are free to create a little social paradise where equality and comfort are the main goals, but also a tyranny with soldiers and secret police taking care of rebels.

This choice between tyrant and beloved leader is only a generalization of the wide range of possibilities that Tropico 4 offers. The way people will see you depends on the little decisions that you make. As expected, citizens want something more than a hub and a place to work hard for a miserable wage, they need to feel that things are getting better and their descendants will have a bright future. To achieve this, you will have to build schools to educate children, clinics that help to maintain a good health, better workplaces and luxurious houses. The hard part is to earn enough money to carry these projects out; the way you earn this money is what will define you as a good leader or a mediocre president.

Tropico 4 Features

Check out the features of this strategy title before you download it on your PC:

  • Become El Presidente and turn your small island into a thriving city by managing its resources and citizens
  • Amazing soundtrack with true Caribbean-flavored tunes
  • Campaign mode with twenty missions set in ten different islands
  • Generate your own random island and customize its size, vegetation, mineral resources and terrain elevation
  • Twenty new buildings including the stock market, malls, an aquatic park and a mausoleum
  • National agenda: receive objectives from different factions or foreign empires to win their favour

If you are interested in this strategy game and need further information before you download it on your PC, feel free to check the

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this title on your PC are:

  • Operating system: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core processor
  • RAM memory: 1GB or higher
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce6600 or AMD equivalent
  • Hard disk: 5 GB of free space