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just spell what you want to be wriiten in your text or facebbok page

By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This is for all the people that are tired of texting all the time and you know what here is very nice and great opportunity to have a software texts all your sms while you are dictating to it. When you are making mistakes as you are dictating to it it can correct your mistakes through a feature that is known as auto spelling correction and therefore you do not have to worry on that.

If you want to move to the next page or paragraph you can simply dictate all that and that is exactly what is going to happen. Sometimes it can make some silly errors but they can be corrected that I admit though it is worth it.


This dictation software has the following features

You can edit your documents

It can punctuate a text

You can spell and update a facebook status and it update a tweet I basically love how it works.


Don’t get tired of typing again simply all you have to do is dictate.


  • you do not get tired
  • it does not cost you anything to download it


  • it is not all that accurate
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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Monday, June 1, 2015

Have you imagined that you can talk and the device you’re using just types automatically without having to make your fingers get tired? This is an application that will make your work easy and you can work on it if you’re doing another job. This application has the ability to be dictated text messages, emails and you can edit documents or even set reminders and even dictate on social media platforms. When you talk, you do it faster than even when typing with your fingers.

It supports devices like iPod touch, iPad and iPhone therefore it is mainly for Apple iOS platforms. It is speech recognition software where you have to speak so that it can hear what you are saying. It is windows- only- program that hasn’t been updated from Version 13.The application doesn’t look at the location it is at it only considers your voice and if you click the mouse it is assumed to be blind. The accuracy of this application typing is not really 100 %.It has a button that record, another which accesses the keyboard to edit the text and the other one shares the dictations. The funny thing is that it also recognizes when you put punctuation marks.

For ease of work you can download this application to work faster.


  • It has the ability to turn voice into text messages, emails and edit documents
  • It is very fast than typing.
  • You can easily edit and correct mistakes.


  • It is not really 100% accurate.
  • It only supports Apple devices.
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By Kevin Kimaita

On Friday, February 13, 2015


Talk without typing on your mobile device. I like this application because it helps you dictate text messages or emails and also post on your Facebook timeline. One this that I love this application is that it can dictate very fast and also correct some of the mistakes that you can make while you are dictating to it.However it is not that correct because it was created by human and therefore it has some human errors but one thing that makes me to love it is that it is very fast. It works like conarama in the windows mobile phone application and you can also make punctuations in your dictation for example you can say comma and a comma is inserted in your text I mean how amazing is this.


The following are the main features of dragon dictation 2.0.28

Be able to dictate emails and also text messages to your mobile device.

One can be able to edit the dictation.

One can also put punctuations in the text.


Be able to dictate to your mobile device.


  • It can edit the mistakes
  • It is very fast compared to typing


  • it is not very accurate.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i will use the program to convert English for uou course movies from vedio and audio mode to text, because i cannot hear their language because they speak quickly

  • I will employed to make a qualitative research within a non profit organization called "Zamora Teran Foundation" based on thecnology and education

  • for personnel typing of text and letters to friends, and giving dictation to write stories comics,other related works.in addition to this email

  • this is to aid me in the transcription of an audio file into text or document format for better review and analysis for documentaries and interview

What similar programs have you used?
  • Windows Speech to text recognition software and some other similar ones that i cant remember the name of but i will just keep writing till i can stop

  • I have used google speech to text and other similar programs which have proved not to be good enough. Now I hope this program makes a difference.

What do you like most about this program?
  • Ease of use to convert audio files into text and over time its ability to recognize and auto correct mistakes.It made my work of taking minute

  • converting voice and speech to text so that it can be used in case you need to compile minutes of the meeting to avoid missing any important information

  • I can make a subtitle for many video I download from youtube especially about nursing and psychology and I love those majority. Thank you so much

  • converting speech to text for meeting minutes and for future referal purposes.And to convert vise versa.This program does exactly what i wan

  • converting voice recordings and speech to text for comiling correct information on minutes of meetings and for future use and ensure that corr


Dragon Dictation is a free voice recognition software that allows you to dictate text messages or emails, copy notes to a clipboard, set reminders, edit documents, update your Facebook status or even send a Tweet. Its voice-to-text transcriptions can be shared via email, by SMS or pasted into any other application.

It is said to be five times faster than manual typing, and it even corrects voice-recognition mistakes on-the-go

Dragon Dictation is said to be five times faster than manual typing, and it even corrects voice-recognition mistakes on-the-go. However, as usually happens with speech-to-text software, the accuracy rate is not 100%. Errors may occur and good pronunciation and voice volume turn out to be essential. In the settings module you can activate the Recognize Names feature and enable/disable the End-of-Speech detection. There you can also adjust language and switch between the supported ones when you desire as the app does not support different languages simultaneously.

How does it work?

Once you are done with the download and setup process of Dragon Dictation, it will ask you if you will allow the app to add the names of your contacts to the vocabulary of the server, so it can easily recognize them when you dictate them. Its interface is really intuitive: there is one button to record, one to access the keyboard to edit the text, and another to share the dictations. When you tap on the record button, another one appears for you to stop the recording when desired, bearing in mind that the free version has a limit of 60 seconds per recording.

You can also say commands and make punctuations while dictating. When it comes to punctuation, simply speak them by saying “period”, “comma”, etc. Special symbols like “%” or “$” are placed in context automatically. Regarding text commands, you can also speak basic ones such as “New Paragraph” or “Next Line”. In Dragon Dictation there are two ways to correct recognition errors: you can tap on the dictated word to get a drop-down list of alternative suggestions, or tap the keyboard icon on the bottom-left corner to use the standard text editing tool.

Dragon Dictation 2.0.28 Features

The unique features of Dragon Dictation are:

  • Speech-to-text conversion: voice can be turned into text messages and emails, clipboard notes, reminders, document edits, Facebook status updates and even Tweets
  • Ability to send the dictated text as an SMS or email or to paste it into any other software
  • Edition and correction capabilities: drop-down list of suggestions for each word
  • Support for commands and punctuation marks, as well as for special symbols, which are automatically placed in context
  • Integration of contact list names for better recognition (this feature can be disabled)
  • Detects end-of-speech

If you want to read more information about Dragon Dictation before you download it, feel free to visit the developer's site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install Dragon Dictation are listed below:

  • iOS 4.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Internal or external microphone