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Whisk the free shopping and cookery application user review by James Meyette

By James Meyette

On Friday, August 22, 2014

Whisk is a great application that features two things that go hand in hand, Shopping and cookery! With whisk you have access to recipes and to view all of the ingredients if you don't already have the item in your basket then you can add it with the easy to use interface it allows the option to define which products you are going to pick up during your next trip to the store making life more simple than having to write things down or not having a fully compiled list because something had pulled you away from reading the recipe book and you didn't have everything documented.

This is a great tool to have no matter if you are an entrepreneur running your own resteraunt or just a stay at home mom who seems to always be missing something for that special meal that she wanted to make but only realizes it once it is too late. Whisk is the perfect tool for you.


  • Easy to use mobile application
  • Portable to take with you wherever life takes you
  • Keep track of all the items you need


  • I wish it would do the cooking for me =)
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Whisk is a free app that combines cookery services and online shopping. It allows you to access recipes, view their ingredients and add those you do not have to your basket, buy them instantly and have them delivered to your home. Moreover, it helps you to keep track of what you have bought, what you need to buy and what you have left. In other words, it works as an interactive grocery list.

It combines cookery services and online shopping

Whisk is an intelligent cookery manager: you tell the app how many portions you need and it scales ingredients accordingly. Similarly, it allows you to adjust the grocery list to pick the exact products you're missing, and remove those you have. However, some users miss the ability to receive recommended recipes to cook with the ingredients they had left over from previous ones or the ability to easily save and manage multiple shopping lists.

How to use this utility

After going through the download and setup of this app, you will soon notice its process is really simple: once you get started in Whisk you will be able to explore and be inspired by almost 150,000 different recipes. You can browse them all, and also search for a particular one. Collect those you like and add them to your shopping list. You can even bookmark them for later or share them on Facebook or Pinterest, as well as other social networks.

Then, you can decide to take your grocery list to the store to make a physical purchase and check items off as you shop, or make the most of the one-click online supermarket checkout in-app. You just need to select which local supermarket to buy from. Prices will also be detailed for you to know how much you will need to pay. With Whisk you can print, send via email or use the list on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer; it syncs across multiple devices. What is more, Whisk has a barcode scanner that tells you what dishes to prepare with the scanned product.

Whisk 1.13.9 Features

The unique features of Whisk are:

  • Around free 150,000 recipes available: ability to collect and add them to a list, bookmark or share them on social networks
  • Built-in browser
  • Online shopping capabilities: checkout at supermarkets on the web
  • Ability to print or email lists
  • Synchronization across devices
  • Calculate ingredient scales depending on the number of portions you are going to cook
  • Barcode scanning capabilities: scan any product at the supermarket and Whisk will show you the recipes you can make with it

If you want to read more information about Whisk before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install Whisk on your mobile are listed below:

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later
  • iOS 5.1 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch