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Perfect Photo Suite 8 8.5.1

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Capture your moments as professionals do with Perfect Photo Suite app!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Friday, July 18, 2014

Perfect Photo Suite is a photo touch up software created for professional photographers mainly. The software lets you produce dream like results from the photographs you captured. It consists of great touch up tools, predefined filters and effects for extending your creative edge.

One who knows the basic terms of digital photography such as exposure, aperture, levels etc. can produce images of outstanding quality with a few clicks. There are no photoshoppy to be mastered for handling the software; just the basics needed. You can create HDR effects or natural tones with pixel perfection. The software is also compatible with other image editors including Photoshop and Apple Aperture.

As the name suggests, Perfect Photo Suite is perfect for doing advanced touch-ups for your stock or online photos, but it is not a substitute for Photoshop. It is meant for corrections such as fixing lighting issues, lens flares etc. Do not expect any surreal manipulation techniques in this software. If you need to get that too, use the software as an extension of Photoshop. You will see wonders!


  • Wide range of editing options and filters
  • After shoot lighting fix available
  • Compatible with apple aperture and photoshop


  • Not affordable at that much high price
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Be More Like A Professional Photographer And Share Your Photos Online

By Beatrice Tan

On Friday, January 30, 2015

It’s undeniable that millions of people nowadays are already fond of using the top social media sites. I can say that it is already part of the lifestyle, to the extent that their days won’t be complete if they have not visited or updated their accounts on these sites. Most of these social media sites include photo sharing where users can upload photos and share it to the whole world.

I love photography and I also love sharing these photos to my friends online. I’m also amazed with some software in the market that offers photo editing. But what I usually use is the Perfect Photo Suite. This editing tool is such a great help not only to the point that I can edit and beautify my photos but its just simply amazing because it adds spice to my photographs. The interface might be confusing for first time users but will eventually be familiarized with the tools once they got to use each one of them. This editing tool really produces high quality photographs. If you think you can not find the right effect that you want to apply on your photos, this editing software supports plugins wherein users can download their desired tools and effects and add it on the system.

Over all, this really works cool for me.


  • There are many editing tools to choose from
  • There are many filters and effects


  • The application sometimes slows down
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • editing my friends wedding photos. I took the photos to help them save a bit of money.while i wait for new photo suite discs id like 2 play

  • Photo Editing, this is one of the best editing software anyone can get their hands on. Honestly have never seen such excellent work from a pr

  • Editing of my friends picture and I like photography my ambition is to become an best editor in my country so please help to download this for free

  • I am an amateur photographer and since i cannot download photoshop i want to try out using the photo suite so that i can make my pictures more interesting

  • The application is designed mostly for photographers that want to fix some aspect of their works in a quick and easy way. For this reason, Perfect Photo Suite 8 includes some tools and general functions that are too time-consuming for other

What similar programs have you used?
  • have used roxio photo suite 4 previously and for a very long time. It is now not recocnized anymore by windows 7 and would need attention or update.

  • I need this wonderful program for editing and creating unique images for my online store where I place their products. Thank you for the opportunity to download

What do you like most about this program?
  • it works on lion that venerable osx operating system that i love to use and does a grand fantastically brilliant job with my phptographic tasks

  • difficult and not easy to download, please remove no need something. i wish that i can complete this force soon. Thank you for your help, how

  • ability to erase unwanted items in the picture and enhance my photos r=the way i want to easilly . i recomend it for anyone who likes hotosho

  • if you'r not a very creative person, then just through using this programme it will inspire you to create great pieces you can also start to experimenting on all different types of techniques


The image editing software market is filled with a large variety of programs that want to grab a slice of Photoshop’s share, but the truth is that there aren’t many that can seriously compete against it. Luckily, onOne software has released the last member of its image treatment family, specialized on photo retouching called Perfect Photo Suite 8 available in digital format to download. Thankfully, this photo edit software includes a full list of tools and functions that can compete one-on-one against Adobe’s flagship in similar ways.

The application is designed mostly for photographers that want to fix some aspect of their works in a quick and easy way. For this reason, Perfect Photo Suite 8 includes some tools and general functions that are too time-consuming for other similar programs, however in this program, they are planned to be used in a simple way. On the other hand, if you are used to other image making applications, this suite probably works seamlessly within it since it is supported as a plugin by the main editor programs like Photoshop Elements, Lightroom or Apple Aperture. In any way, Perfect Photo Suite is also a great standalone program.

It includes some tools and general functions that in other similar programs are too time-consuming, while, in this program, they are planned to be used in a simple way

Perfect Photo Suite 8 is oriented to the retouching process for photographs instead of creating new pictures from scratch, as is the case with other image maker applications. The great part comes when you start using tools for the first time, and the application gives you hints about their correct use. Free video tutorials are also available for learning tips and tricks from experts and the developers. The application also incorporates an advanced browser that can even analyze online services in which you have stored your files, very quickly browsing all your content, no matter where they are.

Apply advanced filters to make your photos look better
Apply advanced filters to make your photos look better


This image-processing program includes a large list of full-featured tools built-in, with customizable settings according to your preferences. This way you can use adjustable functions such as the available filters for applying them in the right way, as well as checking how the effects will result with the live preview. Amongst its new features, you will find a portrait enhancer tool, HDR functions for getting better results with color, dynamic contrast, grunge, vintage and antique filters included by default without the need to download more free plugins.

The complete library of effects that is included is something quite overwhelming to start with. Each effect can be painted thanks to the perfect brush for advanced and accurate results. Among its effects, the Lens Blur effect from FocalPoint allows the users to apply better blur effects than before. The Mask feature gives you the possibility to replace the background or any element in the picture quickly and very easily, with high quality samples and without any problem treating parts like hair or irregular outlines.

Check the possibilites the enhancing tools offer
Check the possibilites the enhancing tools offer

The black & white tool helps the user to create retro-style images for enthusiasts with professional presets that give you great results immediately without too much difficulty. The retouching brush allows the user to fix some details in the image. The good news comes when you check the opacity level and see that you can adjust its effects, making the tool more realistic, without overloading the image with an artificial aspect. The section Perfect Photo Suite 8 includes tools for making some enhancements, and introduces a tool for adjusting brightness and contrast, removing color cast from the picture, adding sharpening and vignettes and even removing dust spots and power-lines from your photos.

As with other many image maker applications, the layers are the main aspect of its workflow. It allows combining the best parts of multiple images performing functions like replacing elements of the image or removing distractions instantly. For portraits, the potential improvements are really top class. The automatic skin smoothing is a good example of that. The enhancement of specific body parts like teeth and eyes with an instant tool makes Perfect Photo Suite 8 a really good image suite for your photography work.

Enhance your portraits with color correction and other easy tools
Enhance your portraits with color correction and other easy tools

Perfect Photo Suite 8 8.5.1 Features

Check the main list of features that this application includes:

  • Great tools designed specifically for photographers, without having too many worries about extraneous elements
  • Adjustable filters and effects for a customizable image aspect and professional presets
  • Fully compatible with other image edit software available for PC and Mac OS X such as Photoshop, Lightroom or Apple Aperture
  • Cutting-edge technology creating outstanding image quality and HDR effects
  • Browse module included for managing your images no matter where they are stored, either on your local disk or in cloud storage services
  • Create natural and realistic portraits with the specified stylization tools simultaneously with other advanced functions
  • Time-saving mask tools for replacing backgrounds and replicating the ones you like with its astonishing collection
  • Support for plugins you can download for adding new tools and effects

For further details before installing the application on your computer, check the official product webpage.

System Requirements

Check the requirements your system needs to meet for running the application:

  • Operating System: OS X 10.7, Windows 7 64-bits or later
  • Processor: Intel core 2 duo
  • GPU: OpenGL 2.0 support with 256MB dedicated RAM
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • HDD Space: 1.5GB free space