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touchAble Mini is the mobile application for controlling Ablenton Live with your iPod Touch or iPhone. Developed by Zerodebug¡, this software is the iPhone and iPod Touch version of Touchable 2 (the iPad controller for Ableton Live), but it is not only a different size; it has a completely new design, with highlights improvements of the menu and other functions.

Connecting multiple iPods Touch and iPhones to the same session

The reason the title includes an odd capital letter in the middle of the product title, ie. touchAble, is because it is a program to touchscreens, and it is a controller for the program Ableton. The interface is specially designed for both the small or Mini screens of iPod touch and iPhone, and with this puzzle the developers have concluded in the name touchAble Mini.

Its incredible interface has been awardedby Hispasonic as the Best iOS app controls 2013, for Ask Audio Magazine as the Best app of 2013, by as the App of the month and it claimed the Sonic Touch Gold Award 2014. touchAble Mini offers a number of capabilities for editing, sequencing Live remotely, using the tactile nature of your screen of your device and making great gestures to apply effects and perform actions.

Manipulate the devices
Manipulate the devices

How to use

You can control almost everything for Ableton from your device because this software is a way to have a wireless and compact controller, with a very advanced interaction with Live. This download allows for connecting multiple iPod Touch and iPhones to the same session. Each session can be displayed, edited and controlled from your mobile device, bringing a new level of performance to DJ sessions.

touchAble Mini is ideal for both stage and studio work. In live performances you can edit MIDI information and you can touch MIDI instruments. touchAble Mini is well established, with a mixer, piano keyboard and drumpads, isomorphic keyboard’s interfaces, a template editor, among others. It offers six modules and a MIDI editor that covers the main elements to control a Live session.

Volume by channel and device
Volume by channel and device

touchAble Mini 2.0.3 Features

These are only just a few features of touchAble Mini, there are still many more:

  • This software is compatible with Ableton Live 8 and 9
  • touchAble Mini provides the modules XY Pad, Clips, Pads, Mixer, Keys and Devices
  • It offers a wide range of serial devices that you can control as VSTs, Plug-in, AudioUnits or Maxforlif, amongst others. View and control them in Combo and Snap modes
  • It offers the capability to edit MIDI clips and patterns, with a MIDI Editor in Drum and Chord mode
  • Duplicate, add, delete or launch scenes, tracks and clips. Manipulate Loops live or activate the tracks Arm and Solo
  • Edit rhythmic Loops with Percussion mode within MIDI Clip editor, or change the site and the length of the notes in Melodic mode
  • Overview lets you visualize any part of the session you want
  • Enjoy mixing, make a crossfader or manipulate the volume and other many parameters with Snap and Multi-Control modes.
  • touchAble Mini provides an integrated browser to view and control the entire library of Live. Simply choose an item and drag it to the module. Free access to the library of Ableton Live; it offers audio effects, MIDI effects, Live Instruments and Max for live devices

For more information about this download, feel free to check the developer’s website .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct download and installation are the following:

  • Operating System: iOS 5 or later
  • A 3GS iPhone or iPod Touch is required
  • HDD Space: 7 MB of free space
  • It is required Ableton Live 8.3