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Bricks Breaker - Friends 1.0.9

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Bricks Breaker - Friends is an arcade mobile game developed and published by WeGo Interactive Co. for Android platforms. This game is a new and optimized version of the old school Taito's Arkanoid of the 1970s. As with Arkanoid,Bricks Breaker - Friends consist of controlling a "paddle" and hitting as many bricks as possible with the ball to clean up the screen.

Nevertheless, you will not play the classic one, composed by pixels and spot colors. This time your paddle will be a cute little animal with a strange long head that serves to bounce the ball. The HD graphics provide a really amazing experience, and as everything is cartoon-like, the game seems designed for kids. Indeed, even the soundtrack may seem like it's been pinched from a kids TV cartoon.


As mentioned, the gameplay is the same as the Arkanoid, but with several differences. At first, you will have to choose your paddle among all the different animals at your disposal. Your default hero is a monkey named Mong. Apart from Mong, you will have Peng, a cute penguin, Kinny, a smart rooster, Nyang, a tiny cat, and Lamy, a little pink mouse. Nevertheless, they must be bought with Gems, and you must pay real money to purchase gems.

This game is a new and optimized version of the old school Taito's Arkanoid of the 1970s

Once you download the app, you have the option of buying different skill upgrades and items. Don't worry, these ones can be purchased with coins, the main currency, and coins can be collected when you play. The skill upgrades offer you more health, protection against the damage, more strength to break more bricks or the ability to earn more coins. The items differ a lot, since some of them multiply the experience or the coins you collect, yet others provide you with different abilities such as setting fire to the balls, and others simply offer support if your ball falls, etc.

When playing, apart from coins you can collect some different power-ups. The most common one makes your paddle longer, so the ball has fewer opportunities to avoid you. You can also get laser shooters to destroy bricks and even more balls to bounce at the same time. In addition, the more you play, the higher score you can get. People all over the world have their scores displayed in the world rank. You can compete to reach the highest position in the world, and even for your own country.

Bricks Breaker - Friends 1.0.9 Features

The main features of Bricks Breaker – Friends are listed below:

  • Only available for Android platforms (optimized for tablets)
  • You are free to choose five heroes
  • Different power-ups to support you and help you break bricks
  • Global and country leaderboards to see and compare your scores
  • Limited time: If you will not beat a level in the required time, you will lose
  • Amazing HD graphics

If you are interested in Bricks Breaker and you want to know more information before you download the game, feel free to visit this website .

System Requirements

To download this app to your mobile device, the minimum requirements are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 FroYo or later
  • Free Space: 40 MB available