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Disney Movies Anywhere (often abbreviated to DMA), is a free service and mobile app developed by Disney to watch movies on Apple devices. This is a Cloud-based storage and iTunes-hosted movie service with a streaming display, designed to be an alternative Ultraviolet service. DMA is a new experience to enjoy your favorite Pixar, Marvel and Disney movies anytime, anywhere you go on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV.

When you connect your iTunes account to your DMA account, you can access your movie collection purchased through iTunes, and you will be able to update the library with DVD or Blu-ray movies redeeming a digital copy coupon. Thus, the movies that you have already purchased and which you will acquire in the future will be stored in your library of iTunes.

You simply have to decide the film to start off with. To celebrate the premiere of this service, (only if you are in United States) Disney is offering a digital copy of The Incredibles for free. Enjoy your collection of movies with extra information; watch the Making Of, behind-the-scenes or the trailers of upcoming movies.

Get The Incredibles for free
Get The Incredibles for free

How to use

Disney Movies Anywhere is only available in United States and for iOS devices, but in order to cope with competition from Ultraviolet it plans to expand in both geographical region and device operating systems. When you download Disney Movies Anywhere you are able to buy new titles directly from your device, but you will need a DMA account and must be over 13 years old.

DMA is a new experience to enjoy your favorite Pixar, Marvel and Disney movies anytime, anywhere

This service is based on a license agreement and not a sale of rights in the content or service. To buy a movie, you have to connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account with your iTunes account. In this case, iTunes acts as a Digital Dealer of DMA service, this mean that each movie that you have in your DMA account will be sync with your Digital Dealer account, and your iTunes account.

Its operation is simple; it has a main window with a visual library of more than 420 films on offer. In this library appears the cover art of each film with color indications. The movies that are part of your collection are marked in blue, your favorites appear in red, and your favorites that are also part of your collections are marked in purple.

Library organized by categories
Library organized by categories

Disney Movies Anywhere 1.0.7 Features

These are the main features of Disney Movies Anywhere:

  • It is available in United States only and in English, pending expansion projects
  • This service is based in Keychest technology, to be an alternative Ultraviolet
  • It is available to Apple TV (with AirPlay or iCloud), iPod Touch, iPad and iPhones (pending an expansion to the service for Android)
  • It offers an offline mode, so you will be able to download the titles you want to play in your device without an Internet connection
  • It offers exclusive and extra information such as previously unseen content, Making Of or movie trailers
  • To enjoy this service it is required to have a DMA account. It is compatible with accounts of the following websites: ESPN, DisneyStore, DineyMovieRewards and Infinity.Disney
  • It was designed for an easy handling of movie’s collection, with an instantaneous transmission and download
  • It offers more than 400 Pixar, Marvel and Disney movies
  • It provides the capability to play a film on up to two devices simultaneously
  • For each movie acquired, you can accumulate points to get benefits in future purchases

If you want to know more about Disney Movies Anywhere service, feel free to check the official website .

Enjoy the extra information
Enjoy the extra information

System requirements

If you want to install this app, you will need:

  • Operating System: iOS 7 or later for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone
  • HDD Space: 19 MB
  • An Internet connection is required

  • You can buy a movie directly from your device
  • It provides offline mode
  • It has a friendly interface with color tags
  • It is designed to have your movie collection at your fingertips
  • This is an anytime, anywhere service
  • It is available only to US and iOS users