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Throne Wars 1.2.4

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Throne Wars is a MMO mobile game developed and published by FlareGames GmbH. This app mixes different gameplays, for you will have to build your own city and also fight against other players. In addition, you will have the ability to interact with other users and forge alliances, so strategy is an important factor in this game. When playing, you will become a young Lord that has to develop a small village and grow it into a powerful medieval empire. In order to do this, you will have to hire soldiers, generals and heroes to create an army capable of defending your kingdom.

You will become a young Lord that has to raise a small village and change it into a powerful medieval empire

Throne Wars will please the eye with detailed backgrounds and high quality graphics. In regards to the animations, this adventure is a little bit limited. You will not see a single inhabitant of your city, nor the soldiers of your army. The only thing your will be able to see are the buildings and menus. However, not everything is static. When you go to the map screen, you will see clouds, tags, and some other things moving on your screen.

Gameplay, tips and hints

As a MMO, it will require internet connection to play with other users. Once you start playing, the main thing you have to do is build defenses for your town and obtain resources. Some quests will serve as a tutorial during the first stages of your adventure. They will teach you how to build settlements, production facilities, etc. Find stone, metal and wood to be able to build what you want. To store your resources, you will need a storehouse. Once you have all these buildings, you can start upgrading your city.

Apart from resources, constructing buildings and upgrading them will also cost time. As you upgrade things and the levels increase, upgrading will take more time. If you are not patient enough to wait the required time for building or upgrading, you can purchase boosts to speed up the construction with real money.

Once you reach a determined level, your neighbors can attack you, steal your resources and destroy your defenses. To avoid this you must construct some buildings that provide you with soldiers to have an army. In addition, you can forge an alliance with your friends or other players around the world to be greater protected. If you have an alliance, you can talk with the other members using the alliance chat.

Throne Wars 1.2.4 Features

The unique features of Throne Wars are listed here:

  • Mixing of different gameplays: City-building, strategy and MMO
  • Ability to found new settlements to create a new city in your empire
  • You can play with thousands of players from all over the world
  • Build powerful buildings and upgrade them
  • Conquer your neighbors’ villages and expand your empire
  • Alliance chat to talk with your alliance members whilst playing

If you are interested in Throne Wars and you want to know more about this game before you download the app, feel free to visit the official website .

System Requirements

To download this app to your Android device, the minimum requirements are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 FroYo or later
  • Free Space: 37 MB available

To download the game to your iOS device, the needed requirements are:

  • Operating System: iOS 6.0 or later
  • Free Space: 41.4 MB available