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Alien Hive is a match-three mobile game developed and published by AppXplore Sdn Bhd. When playing, you will have to evolve the life of an Alien Hive, growing plants and embryos until you have lots of different alien species. In order to do this, you have to match the eggs that appear on your screen. The hive is composed of 36 squares in which an egg is placed, and when you match three or more eggs, instead of disappearing, they change and transform into other kinds of cells.

You will have to evolve the life of an Alien Hive, growing plants and growing embryos until you get lots of different alien species

For instance, eggs are transformed into zygotes, and if you match the zygotes you will get alien fetus, then baby aliens, and so on until you have a complete supreme alien. Apart from aliens, crystals and plants are also available in the hive, and they can be used to get power-ups, gold and supporting items. Plants can also evolve like aliens, and they generate turns to play.

The graphics are cartoon-like and the aliens are so cute you can't even imagine that they are powerful slaying machines. Rounded, chubby and with brilliant colors, aliens look like cuddly, huggable toys. The music of the game is quite relaxing and calming, as if it was the background music for the elevator in an expensive hotel. It may be because when you have almost the entire screen blocked by the annoying robots, you need relaxing music so you don't throw the mobile on the floor.


The gameplay is as simple as all match-three videogames. You have to match three pieces, in this case alien cells, to create new aliens. You will be able to move a whole column or row, or just a single piece. You will have limited energy to carry out these moves. Once the energy runs out, you cannot move anything else and the level is over. Crystals provide energy when they are matched, so it is quite important match them once in a while, instead of matching aliens or plants.

Robots will be your main enemy in Alien Hive. They appear randomly on the screen and they freeze one of the pieces of your hive. Once the item is frozen, you cannot move the row or column where it is placed. This way, it is very annoying if you want to move that specific column or row to make a good match, and after it happens a few times, you will hate robots with your soul and whole being.

However, do not despair because you have weapons against the robot threat. If you move and match three robots, they will be trapped in a bubble that impedes them from freeze anything else. In addition, power-ups can also help you in your adventure. As you complete levels, you will earn gold. With this gold, you can buy power-ups. Power-ups can also be earned when playing, or you can purchase them using real money.

Alien Hive 3.1.0 Features

The outstanding features of Alien hive are listed below:

  • Lots of different alien species to create
  • Smooth controls that are quick and easy to get used to
  • Power-ups to help you in some difficult levels
  • Annoying robots to make your adventure a bit more difficult
  • Combine crystals to get more energy to keep playing

If you are interested in Alien Hive and you want more information about the game before you download the app, feel free to visit the developer’s official website .

System Requirements

The minimum requirements to download and play this app on your Android device are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later
  • Free Space: 38 MB available

To download the app on your iOS device, the requirements are:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 or later
  • Free Space: 51.2 MB available