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Cartoon Wars 1.0.8

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Cartoon Wars is a tower defense, strategy videogame developed by GAMEVIL Inc. and is available for both iOS and Android devices. The game combines the formula of real-time strategy titles with tower defense mechanics to create a simple and entertaining experience in which you play the role of the commander of a monochrome army that has to defeat colorful hordes of monsters and destroy the castle that they call home.

The aim of Cartoon Wars is to train different units to defeat the opposing troops

The aim of Cartoon Wars is to train different units to defeat the opposing troops in a 2D battlefield and take your armies closer to the enemy’s castle, in order to capture it and win the war. You have to clear each stage within 20 minutes to succeed. Moreover, if you manage to complete it within 10 minutes, you will receive a red gem known as a Forging Stone as a reward. If your castle is destroyed before you can defeat the enemy, it’s game over. Cartoon Wars doesn’t have an end, so the length of gameplay will be determined only by your patience, as levels are unlimited.

Crush the Castle

Your troops are the only way you have to attack, and there is a wide range of them, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Warriors are cheap and don’t feed the enemy much gold, Ninjas are easily expendable but weak at high levels, Gunners are decent mid-game troops, Cannons deal good tower damage, Wizards deal AoE (Area of effect) damage, Dark Angels have a powerful attack, Golems soak up enemy damage so other troops can use them as living shields and Green Goblins have the highest DPS (damage per second) against enemies.

If enemies overwhelm you, you should purchase some upgrades for your units and then head back to the battlefield. You can acquire several perks for every unit available by spending gold, the in-game currency. However, you can purchase new ones with forging stones, which you will receive as a reward for completing a stage within ten minutes. You can also upgrade your castle to have more HP or a manual crossbow that you can control to help your units. The store also offers gold bonuses, mana upgrades and cool-down time reductions.

Cartoon Wars 1.0.8 Features

Here you can check the features of this strategy game before you download it:

  • Survive endless hordes of enemies and destroy their castles with your army
  • Beautiful pencil-drawn 2D graphics
  • Train different units to succeed such as warriors, dark angels, gunners, ninja, golems, etc.
  • Use the gold earned in battle to purchase upgrades and become unstoppable
  • Strategize and win: determine what kind of unit you will train and when it will be deployed to defeat enemies

If you are interested in Cartoon Wars and need further information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this app are:

  • Operating system: Android 2.2 or later/ iOS 4.3 or later
  • Hard disk: 14 MB of free space for Android or 13.2 MB of free space for iOS