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Disco Zoo is a mobile videogame developed by NimbleBit, the studio behind other apps like Tiny Tower or Pocket Planes. The game is exclusively available for iOS devices. Disco Zoo features the same pixel-art style seen in other games by NimbleBit, so those who have played their other titles will already be familiar with it.

The main objective of this title is to build and expand your own thriving zoo

The main objective of this title is to build and expand your own thriving zoo and fill it with rare species and wonderful creatures to attract visitors. You can rescue new animals for your zoo by using a helicopter that will take you to different locations ranging from a nearby farm to the African savannah. Animals are rescued by playing a match-4 minigame in which you have to find the animal within a board split into tiles.

Disco Zoo uses a free-to-play system that features two levels of in-app purchases for those who like to unlock additional content early. You are free to use real money to purchase coins or “Disco Bucks” ; a special currency that allows you to get extra attempts to rescue animals or start your own disco party to keep all your animals awake all night! You can choose how long your party will last by the amount of bucks you want to spend. The longer the party lasts, the longer the period in which you will earn double coins.

Catch’ em All

Disco Zoo features three tiers in which the animals are classified. These are Common, Rare and Mythical. There are several animals for each location, and the chances of them appearing will depend on their tier. For instance, the farm offers rabbits, sheep, pigs and chickens as common animals, cows and horses as rare animals. Mythical animals are unknown until you rescue them for the first time, and you will see them as ????.

Each animal has its own pattern within the board, which makes it hard for you to guess where they are the first time you land in a new location, but it also makes it easier once you learn them. For instance, pigs are always found as a four tile square, and giraffes are placed in vertical lines. Rare and mythical animals have tricky patterns that include diagonal tiles or weird shapes. You have ten attempts to find the animals, but you can obtain five more by watching a short video ad or by using a Disco Buck. Bear in mind that starting a rescue costs coins, and every rescue after the first one will increase the cost slightly.

Animals are hidden within the board.
Animals are hidden within the board.

Disco Zoo 1.0 Features

Check out the features of Disco Zoo before you download the app:

  • Build your very own pixel-style zoo full of exotic species
  • Seven locations available: Farm, Outback, Savannah, Northern, Polar, Jungle and Jurassic
  • Rescue new animals for your zoo by playing an entertaining match-4 minigame
  • Loads of animals available, ranging from pigs and chickens to lions and polar bears
  • Host a disco party and keep visitors and animals dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

If you are interested in this iOS app and need further information before you download it, feel free to check out the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this game are:

  • Operating system: iOS 6.0 or later
  • Hard disk: 53.2 MB of free space