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Get a chance to view your favorite shows and movies on TV Player 1.2

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Television seems to have been there since forever. There has been a need to have access and watch our shows and keep up with our favorite TV series anywhere we are. The internet has come to save us in this area just like in many other fields. The developers have also stepped up and created a suitable platform for the desired viewership. If you happen to be living around the United Kingdom Tv Player 1.2 has you covered. TV player allows you to have television viewership without having to turn on a television or leaving your computer. With a large variety of channels to choose from you are guaranteed a good reception to keep up with your favorite movies and television shows. The software has been developed in such a way that it is compatible with smartphones that have touch screen features. It also makes use of your 3G and 4G networks as well a good Wi-Fi connection. With this software you will have access to channels that air movies, series, music and news. All this you can have without having to download a single video to your mobile device.


  • Watch real time television without downloads.
  • No pop up notifications as you watch television.


  • You only have viewership in the United Kingdom.
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When the Internet became widely available to the general public, one of the most desired functions was the possibility of watching TV channels without a TV from your computer without too many difficulties. For this reason, many developers released their TV tuner cards for desktop PCs. Now, with our ubiquitous mobile devices we want to access that content from tablets and smartphones, and that is possible thanks to TVPlayer app for iOS and Android. This application allows users to watch TV online and view all the content of UK channels such as live shows and movies. just like on your TV.

The first thing that can attract your attention is that its use is free, something unusual when we are talking about an application that offers this kind of service, with no pop-up windows to annoy you while you enjoy your favorite programs. This app is only compatible within the United Kingdom territory, so if you are abroad this mobile application can’t be used on your system due to geographical restrictions.

Watch TV online and content of UK channels such as live shows and movies just like on your TV

The interface of this software is fully adapted to touchscreens, with a quick access to the channel you want with a single tap. TVPlayer features the usual functions of a video player, such as full-screen mode, including intuitive menus and an easy way to play any program. As it is a completely online application it makes constant use of your Internet connection, but the developers have optimized TVPlayer for making good use of your 3G and 4G data connection, as well as for broadband Wi-Fi Internet access.

The last trending series are here
The last trending series are here

Channel variety is the spice of life

TVPlayer allows its users to access any kind of content such as movies and series that are being broadcasted currently. It includes different kinds of filters for playing the programs you are interested in, depending on the categories you are looking to watch. Arts, Films, Music, Fashion or Children's shows are examples of what TVPlayer offers live-to-air.

The variety of channels is really good, granting you access to view BBC ONE, TWO, Sony’s Movies4Men, 4Music and many more, all available from the very first moment you download and install the app on to your mobile device. The application is compatible with tablets like iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, and smartphones running Android or iPhone devices. The multimedia service works with streamed video and adapts the quality depending on the speed of your Internet connection for optimizing the performance over video bitrate.

Great selection of channels
Great selection of channels

TVPlayer 1.2 Features

Check out the main features TVPlayer offers its users:

  • Watch all of your favorite programs live-to-air without downloading a single video to your mobile device
  • Automatic optimization depending on your connection speed to watch the programs without lag
  • TVPlayer offers a description about the program you choose before playing it
  • Browse further channels while you are playing the current video without stopping the playback
  • Compatible with almost all UK channels, and more online channels to come
  • Sort the available TV shows depending on the category, movies, drama series, children or music, amongst other filters

For further details about TVPlayer, feel free to check the official website through the following link before the download for your mobile device.

Preview the TV shows before playing them
Preview the TV shows before playing them

System Requirements

Check the requirements to run TVPlayer on your smartphone or tablet:

  • OS: Android version 3.2, iOS v6.0 or later
  • Size: 12.4MB free space