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There are some times when we are looking for a different game, perhaps trying to run away from mobile puzzle games that seem to appear over and over again. Card City Nights presents a fresh, unputdownable, singleplayer card-trading game that will change your view of card games forever. Developed by Ludosity, the game imports all kind of characters from this indie developer such as fishbuns, robot elves and all kind of crazy stuff that makes Card City Nights an enjoyable title released in digital download format for PC as well as for mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Before starting you will be required to create your avatar, and here we encounter the crazy designs of Ludosity. You can choose from amongst the simple human designs, influenced by the designs of Scott Pilgrim comic book covers, or browse all kind of crazy characters like human-faced crystals and, above all, funny turnips.

The battle board is set
The battle board is set

The story of Card City Nights is as simple and direct; you are a newcomer in the bright city ruled by the majesty Big Chest Casino. Reasons are unknown, but the fact is that you receive your own room, and a starter deck full of weird cards everybody is talking about. Once you get out there, you will meet all kind of characters that want to battle with their own self-made card decks. The objective is very simple as well, get the 8 legendary cards battling with everybody on your sight for challenging the big guy at the Casino for getting the great coin prize.

Some designs are really hilarious like a magical fairy fox addicted to potions, a rockabilly crystal and besuited turnips

The game is designed almost as a graphic adventure, having to move around the map tapping on the different available points that you will unlock. The graphic style has a charming cartoon influence directly brought from other titles developed by the same company. Some designs are really hilarious like a magical fairy fox addicted to potions, a rockabilly crystal and besuited turnips, a lot of turnips that created the card game. The moment you put your hands on the title, run the game and listen to the soundtrack, it is unavoidable to not be completely charmed by the city environment.

How to play

The goal of the card competition battles in Card City Nights is to reduce the opponent’s points to zero or to make it impossible for him to place any more cards on the board. The rules of the card game are very simple. The board consists of 3x3 card slots in where you can set any single card in your turn, but positioning is important since any card has arrows assigned to where its effect is directed.

The cards' arrows point to any of the eight possible directions and are visible on their sides. The purpose is to combine the basic icons of the cards (swords for attack, shields for defense, crosses for revive cards and circles as neutral effects). You will need to combine at least three of these icons, and the action performed will win, either two of a kind, or more. In the case of a draw, you can choose which effect will be triggered. For combining cards, you will need to connect the arrows they feature on each card, with different patterns.

The number of icons you combine is important since that will make the action stronger. You can recover points with the defense icons, from one to two depending on how many you combine. The very same goes for attack icons, but not for health since this effect only aims at a single card. The strategy will depend on the deck you create; you can aim for the opponent’s cards instead of the life points in order to disable the possible combinations. Another feasible strategy is to create a deck specialized in quick attacks thanks to the additional effects that some cards include.

Make bigger connections for better effects
Make bigger connections for better effects

Besides the number of arrows a card features, it is recommendable to check the effect they can integrate. In Card City Nights, some effects will trigger the moment you place the card on the board, such as damaging the enemy’s points or adding defense points. Other effects will be active at the beginning of the next turn and may include anything from card rotation to card place movement horizontally or vertically. Although some effects are random, you can make use of them to your benefit by placing the correct card on the correct slot.

In order to increase your trading card collection, you can get more cards in different ways. You can get free boost packs defeating enemies, legendary cards from the bosses of the different areas, buy single cards at the mall or get additional boost cards by recycling the cards you don’t want any more at the card game central. Create the best card deck around and receive the great reward of defeating the Casino boss.

Get cards and money defeating other characters
Get cards and money defeating other characters

Card City Nights Full Version Features

Check the unique main features of Card City Nights before the download:

  • A complete single player experience with more than 8 hours of main story and additional battles for completing your card collection
  • 180 different cards, each one with their own unique features, based on the characters from the developing company
  • Great Original Soundtrack combining jazz and hip-hop sounds for enhancing the city environment
  • Create your own strategy with the different possible card combinations
  • Create your own 6 different decks up to 40 cards; each one with common, rare and legendary cards
  • Available to download for different PC and mobile systems, for enjoying the trading card game everywhere
  • Get additional boards with different styles to increase the game variety

For additional information about Card City Nights, be free to check the

System Requirements

Check the minimum system requirements for Card City Nights:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, OSX 10.6 or Debian 6.0 based Linux system or later
  • Mobile Operating System: Android 2.3.3, iOS 6.0 or later
  • CPU: 2GHz processor
  • Memory: at least 1GB RAM
  • Size: 120MB free space