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AirPlay Recorder 1.0.1

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Sound recognition software for mobile devices has become something very useful wherever you are for, knowing exactly which songs are being played through ambient speakers, when you don’t know which band or musician it is. AirPlay Recorder is a download for Android devices offers its users the possibility of detecting and recording the current songs played with iTunes Created by DoubleTwist, a company from San Francisco specialized in music applications for PC and mobile systems like AirSync; AirPlay Recorder introduces a different way for creating song lists that you hear via your iTunes player on your Mac OS X or Windows system.

Since AirPlay Recorder works wirelessly without the need to be close to the sound source, it can be considered almost like a free-range utility, depending to the AirPlay connection. The recording of the files is performed in real-time so the files’ recording will be exactly the same duration as the content you want. In a sense, it is really similar to the possibilities that old cassette players offered in recording what was playing on the radio. The content you get this way can be accessible from your smartphone device offline, so it is a good way to store unique online content and manage it the way you want.

Simple instructions to follow
Simple instructions to follow

How to use

First of all, to make AirPlay Recorder work properly, you will need to synchronize your device with your computer since you need the features that Airplay function offers, similar to mirroring functions for other apps. For a great performance, a 5 GHz Wi-Fi router is recommended. Then, being connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can start recording the songs that are being played on your computer without having to put your mobile device beside the speakers like with other mobile applications that compare the songs playing songs with their database. In this case, AirPlay Recorder gets the information directly from the computer, which ensures that the information is right and without failing in the recognition process. For recording the content you only need to press the big red button in the touchscreen to start the recording process, and that’s all you need once the app is synchronized with your Mac or Windows computer.

The main purpose of this software is recording the streaming content onto your Android device, without having to transfer the audio files from your iTunes library

The main purpose of this software is recording the streaming content into your Android device, without having to transfer the audio files from your iTunes library or to download the songs that are currently played on the online radio stations or even for podcasts. The songs are recorded in low quality, at 32Kbit/sec, which currently would not be the usual bitrate used by the average user. If you want to get a higher quality for your recorded files you can purchase the High Quality mode that enables the option for recording in AAC Variable Bitrate format, which features about 320 kbps.

Tap to start, as simple as that
Tap to start, as simple as that

AirPlay Recorder 1.0.1 Features

Check out the unique features that AirPlay Recorder offers its users:

  • Record songs, podcasts and any kind of content played with iTunes for free, without DRM and without using speakers
  • Real-time song recording with no lagging or delays, just the same as you heard
  • Offline access to your streamed audio content from your Android device since it will be saved on it
  • Optional upgrade through an in-app purchase to enhance the quality of your recordings
  • AirPlay Recorder only saves a song if the recording has been completed, avoiding having halved songs or similar
  • Software is fully compatible with iTunes' sound content and all related streaming audio services

For further details about the application to download, be free to check the looking for compatible apps.

Any kind of music in your Android device
Any kind of music in your Android device

System Requirements

Check the requirements for running AirPlay Recorder on your mobile device:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0 or later
  • Size: 1MB Free space
  • Wi-Fi connection enabled


Get Those Songs And Play It Anytime Without Internet Connection

By Beatrice Tan

On Friday, January 30, 2015

Music has always been my comfort since childhood. It is something that I really love because it actually relieves me from any kind of pain or any problems that I’m encountering. Music has this sense of healing. The words on it, the melody, the beat, everything gives life to someone who feels so empty.

Obviously, my phone is pact with music. Thanks to AirPlay Recorder. This application helps me record and save music from my computer, through playing iTunes, to my device without any wires being connected from both ends. First, users got to sync their device to their computer where the music will be playing, which means internet connection is needed. Once device is already synchronized with the computer, songs being played will automatically be recorded and be saved on the device. As simple as that. And one great feature of this application is that I can play the songs being saved on my device even if I’m not connected to the internet, so cool right? This application really works best to people like me who loves listening to music.

I advice everyone to have this application and get those songs be saved on their devices in just a click.


  • The application is easy to manipulate
  • The interface is easy to understand


  • Needs internet connection to record songs
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