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Keeping in mind that the sheer amount of Internet content is increasing as each minute passes, it seems almost impossible to choose what to watch on YouTube, any streaming video service or just to get to know the last news or trending videos. 5by tries to help its users to get the best content, by filtering the content it will provide according to the likes and the user's available time. Published to download free for the most commonly used mobile Operating Systems, Android and iOS, this app makes the most of your smartphone providing all kind of clips without wasting your time looking for something of quality. Very cool, isn’t it?

5by offers a personalized streaming video service according to sensitive information you provide through simple feedback about your interests

This 5by app offers a personalized streaming video service according to sensitive information you provide through simple feedback about your interests. The enthralling results really fit what we say we're looking for, without wasting time searching for clips on YouTube. As in any application nowadays, 5by includes integration with Twitter and Facebook for sharing the content you discover, anything from music to content of any nature.

How to Use

In order to start using the service, first of all you need to fill form for feedback about your likes, such as playing games, watch football or travelling all around the world. Other questions include what kind of friends you have, be they cool types, geeks or jocks, and even your dream vacation. It may seem silly, but this test really enhances the results by analyzing your environment for providing the online clips that fit your particular interests the most.

Once you have completed these questions, 5by displays 6 different categories depending on what you want to watch, maybe something entertaining, geek clips, content for sharing with your friends or even clips for watching while you are, literally on the John. Then you can choose from amongst a great list of themes including science, impressive content, sports, technology and more to discover. The variety is really impressive, so you will always find what you want very fast.

Finally, before the content feed starts you need to set the available time you have, from 1 to 15 minutes. Then, the 5by will present a video according to the features you have indicated before. Initially it may seem like a long setup process, but it is really fast and won’t take more than some seconds. When you are watching the resulting clip you have some buttons to show your reaction to that in case you liked it, you hated or if you were indifferent about it. Remember that 5by only works online and won’t download any additional files to your mobile device.

5by 2.2 Features

Check the features that 5by offers on your smartphone:

  • Multiplatform software compatible with touch surfaces running Android and iOS systems
  • 5by adds new content every day for offering a better video selection with recent clips
  • Mark the new content as favorite and rate it if you liked it or disliked the clips showed
  • Analyze the feedback you fill in before using 5by to have better and more accurate results
  • Save your time choosing what kinds of things really match your interests and the time you’ve got

For additional information about 5by before the app download, you are free to visit the official website.

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for your mobile device to run this software:

  • Operating System: iOS 7.0, Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Size: 5.6MB free space


Watch Your Favorite Videos With The Comfort Provided By 5by

By Beatrice Tan

On Friday, January 30, 2015

Internet has already become a part of everyone’s life. It is something that everyone uses everyday for work, entertainment, education, business and a lot more. The Internet has million ways of catching the attention of its users. With the help of social media sites where people got to see the whole world in just a snap, everything made possible by the internet.

Video streaming is also one of the most activities of people nowadays and the internet has a lot of videos to share for free. I came across this application named 5by 2.2, which provides filtered video clips depending on your interests and likes. In the very first part of the application, users are given this kind of questionnaire wherein users got to answer these so that the system may successfully trim down all the videos in the internet depending on said interest. Videos available in this application are about entertainment, science, funny videos, sports and many more to mention. There are actually categories in the software so users would not have hard time looking for the videos that want to watch. 5by also updates its videos everyday so users won’t get bored using the application.

If you really love watching videos, you got to try this. It’s entertaining.


  • The application helps users save time
  • This is easy to use


  • There are still bugs that need to be fixed
Ease to access guides and manuals:



5by android app user review for phpNuke by James Meyette

By James Meyette

On Thursday, September 18, 2014

5by is a great tool for watching viral videos, in comparison to YouTube, the system that 5by uses to find new videos that are relevant to your interests is way better. YouTube has a bad habit of sometimes suggesting things that have nothing to do with some of your most watched categories.

Simple and easy to use interface makes navigation around the application quick and painless allowing you to watch the videos that you want when you want. If you aren’t sure what you want to watch then you can always just choose a suggestion and you can get your vid on from there.

5by is great for everyday use when you would normally be on YouTube, or if you just need something to keep you occupied while you are riding in the car and have nothing better to do. Either way 5by will be able to present you with something that you can watch any time of day or night.


  • Smart, easy to use user interface
  • Clean application makes for small download and use anytime


  • They are still working out some of the bugs but the team has done a swell job
Ease to access guides and manuals: