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If you are a secret pyromaniac, this is your perrfect game

By Adam Nikki

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When I downloaded Little Inferno and started playing, I think that I would uninstall the game in the next five minutes. However, surprisingly, it caught me. In fact, it is unexpectedly addictive. You have to burn thing to create combos. You don't really are rewarded with nothing but coins and stamps, and you will have a lot of them, believe me. Nevertheless, you will be playing for hours to solve all the challenging puzzles the game offers you. Some combos are simple to solve, but you will have to struggle a lot to solve others.

Another impressive thing about Little Inferno are the graphics. As it is mentioned in the review, everything has an incredibly beautiful Steampunk aesthetic. The atmosphere it creates is calm, and the music (quiet and slow-paced) supports this atmosphere. The sound of the flames crackling is quite realistic, and also the behavior of the fire itself is true-to-life. You will never run out or coins, you can endlessly play if it is your wish.


  • Coins will never run out
  • Lots of items to burn
  • It is a challenge to solve the puzzles
  • Steampunk graphics are quite amazing


  • There is not variety in the gameplay
  • The game is not free



A great example of how to surprise and satisfy a simple and not very innovative proposal, but with lots of personality.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, January 11, 2016

Little Inferno gameplay focuses on these homonyms fireplaces. Against them we have two purposes: to protect us from the cold outside and burn. Burn things. In fact, fireplaces Little Inferno is a business like any other, and is not limited to the main product but we also offer the products we burn. Catalog. We have different catalogs with a variety of organized thematically, objects that we will unlock as we progress in the game. And, well, how we progress in a game in which the main concept revolves around burning things in front of a fireplace?

Every item we buy has a catalog price, but to burn it, give us more money. So, slowly, burning the first products we unlock the following, to complete the seven catalogs available. Simple? So so. Little Inferno offers the possibility of "combos" with the various objects with which unlock new catalogs. Our intuition will leave a "title", and we have to figure out the combination. For example, simply can not solve any interesting: 'Ticking Time Bomb', consisting of a clock and simultaneously burn a bomb. Gradually things get complicated, we have to combine up to three objects of the seven catalogs available and even perform small experiments with them.


  • Designed to offer a calming experience
  • You can play to pass the time


  • History and simplicity can be boring




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am going to use it for gaming deez nutz rule for life so shut up now and dont say anything untill i say you can any further questions repo

  • a christmas yule log type thing. my little brother and i thought it mught be a good idea seeing as we have no fireplace to have one irl and now im just typing to fill in space.

  • I am going to open a program, install it to my computer and then I will try to play the game which should be contained inside this free available file.

  • I will use this downloadeble program and its content for entretaining myself in the moments when my humor isnt enough for the bordem state in I am

  • playing the game in order to have fun on my own in an offline enviroment and to satisfy my need to burn things without being charged for arson

What similar programs have you used?
  • none of the whole world because i never downloaded any of those thing where i have to fill in hundreds of characters to get something that is

  • human resource machine and some other some that I don't fee ltoo comfortable talking to you about because your a random website that I've never seen before

  • mozilla firefox, internet explorer, google chrome, windows, youtube, facebook, blackberry, and loads more but I can't realy remember them...

  • mediafire and other things of this sort. ive never used this site before but if it is legit i will probably start doing so, thanks for this free download

  • I am not sure if I have used any similar programs before. This one seems to be trustworthy and useful, fast and virus free. Little Inferno is a lot of fun!

What do you like most about this program?
  • Everything its really awesome i hope i will not get a virus from downloading this because then this site is going to be sued. now let me download this thing please.

  • it's simple and entertaining. its a really nice refresher to the intense games we have now a days like fps call of duty and halo or far cry

  • The best download speed for sure!!You have amazing downloads that are always available and its free of spyware and viruses!!! Thank you so much!

  • The interesting part about this game is the amazing story and interactive scenery at your fingertips, but it still has the smooth playability most other games have.

  • the games are amazing and i love how there free.PS this is my firest time using this ann i hve to right like a whole paraaghrapf theatas tha


Little Inferno is an indie videogame developed by Tomorrow Corporation (creators of World of Goo) and published by Experimental Gameplay Group. Released for PC, console and mobile platforms, the premise of this game is quite simple; you just have to burn all types of items. It is the perfect cure for pyromaniacs since you can burn anything, from stuffed toys, little cute dolls to nauseating cockroaches and spiders without any consequences. After all, you are playing a game.

It is the perfect cure for pyromaniacs

Everything has a steampunk aesthetic. Every item seems to be made of gears, steam, metal and rust. Even the toys are a little creepy as they have half a head made out of metal and the other half made of fur. In addition, every item reacts in a different way when they are burned and it is one of the most entertaining features of Little Inferno. Do not think that they stay still while they are being burned. Some of them explode, such as the corn, others try to flee, such as the ones with wheels, and others simply scream and yell, such as the bus full of kids.

Even though you will become a cruel pyromaniac when playing, the music and the graphics of this adventure are relaxing. You will be able to watch the flames (behaving in a very realistic way) for hours while you burn things. The music will sound in the background the whole time, and it sounds just like the lobby of a nice hotel or the waiting rooms of an hospital.

Burn in flames! Burn!

Once you download it, you are at home, when you receive a letter from your neighbor that insists you to burn things in your fireplace. At first, you will get a free item to burn, and also you can burn the letter. Every time you burn something in your fireplace, you will collect coins. Those coins serve to buy more items to burn. You will have default catalog to purchase items, and once you collect more coins, you can buy more catalogs with more objects. Indeed, the currency is just so you have something to do since when you burn an item, it provides you with more coins than what the item cost, so you will always receive benefits. In addition, if you run out of coins, you can burn the little spiders that randomly appear, and they will provide you with more coins.

When you buy an item, it takes some seconds or minutes to arrive, since you have order it by mail. You can collect stamps to make the items arrive sooner. Stamps are collected by making combos. You will have a list of combos that will increase as you buy more catalogs. The first combos you have belong to the items from the first catalog. When you buy the second one, the combos list becomes longer, and you can make combos with the items from the first and second catalogs, and so on until you buy the last catalog.

Combinations (combos) are not easy to figure out. They are like riddles you have to solve to know which items to choose. For example, the name of the combo can be "Poet Inspiration", and you must guess what items serve for the combo, for instance (and it is just an example), Absinth and Window. Some of them are easier than others, but I can assure you that you will have to think hard about the most difficult ones in Little Inferno.

Little Inferno Full Version Features

The outstanding features of Little Inferno are listed below:

  • Big fireplace to burn all items you want
  • Almost endless coins to buy everything you want
  • Spiders to burn to get more coins
  • Multiplatform: developed for Android, iOS, PC, and consoles
  • Steampunk graphics
  • Relaxing music

If you like Little Inferno and you want to know more about this cute app before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and play this game on your PC and mobile devices are:

  • Operating System: windows XP, Android 4.1 Jellybean, iOS 5.0 or later versions
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.8 GHz, AMD Athlon XP 1700+ or better
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce 210, AMD Radeon X600 or better
  • Hard Drive Space: 1GB free, 104 MB (Android), 119 Mb (iOS)