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Dead Island is the new way of playing horror games

By Steven Moore

On Monday, April 28, 2014

Dead Island is one of those games that do not provoke psychological fear to you, it only relies on jump scares and amazing graphics. The storyline is interesting, but what makes you play are the stunning graphics you will see (each environment is incredible) and the ability to craft your own weapons. Sincerely, this is the strongest point of Dead Island. You can create amazing weapons with fire, spikes, electricity or almost whatever you can imagine. Ma electrified baseball bat full of spike is a quite efficient weapon against a zombie horde. If you electrocute them, they can blow up in the air or keep motionless for a while.

Other strong point is that you can choose among several characters to play the game. You have Purna, Logan carter, Sam B or Xian Mei. Each one has his or her own abilities, for instance, Sam B is efficient with melee weapons and Xian Mei with bladed weapons. The rest of the characters are not with you when playing, but they are in the cinematic scenes of the game.


  • Multiple zombies to fight with
  • You can craft your own weapons
  • The game features stunning graphics


  • You have not varied side missions



Dead Island: Discover the zombie killer inside you and enjoy run over them.

By Iuhasz Raymond

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Game developed by Techland introduce us to 4 survivors with special abilities from which we need to chose one for your story. You are in a tropical island near to Papua New Guinea in which one you will need to get equipped with weapons, more of them mele and to tasks or kill zombies in order to receive experience and skill points.


It is a really good experience to play this game it is really well done with a lot of skills and weapons to craft and discover, it is an open world and you can take some cars to travel faster from one point to another, remember to run over some zombies.


I played it a long time ago and i'm waiting for dead island 2. I expect it will be as good or better than the first one i really recommend you to play the first one and if you like it I'm sure we will enjoy together the sequel.


  • Open world where you can do whatever you want
  • A lot of weapons and guns


  • It can be a little gore for children's




For what are you going to use the program?
  • entertainment at home to play the game privately and enjoy killing he zombies and use trainers to cheat by enabling godmode and othrt cool mods

  • i am goingto use dead island for my fun and recreation. this will be my first time pl;aying so i hoppe its great like everybody says it is. thank you

  • to play at home for my own personal use and entertainment and to kill zombies to save the world from the terrible horror that is going on today

  • because this program is the best download speed and free i fell thanked and balblablabalabala why im supposed to answer this question haha lol

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What similar programs have you used?
  • You name a horror survival gme out there and you will know what other programs I have used that are similar to this game i'm trying to play but am typing instead

  • none at all before now had used pIratebay and nothIng else at all after that wanted to try thIs one t seems legIt and doesnt have a sIngle vIrus on It

  • none at all before now had used pIratebay and nothIng else at all after that wanted to try thIs one t seems legIt and doesnt have a sIngle vIrus on It

  • anything i can think of. I tried my best to find a good site to download but nothing. This better be the right one or else i will be very upset

What do you like most about this program?
  • its very helpful it is a good website because if someone cant afford a game they can get it from here for free and actually play what they want to play

  • free dowanload and provide a lot of usefull stuff. And it can help me to contact with other people whose have the same interest and hobbies

  • the website is a very nice colour and could be famous yano its nots bad lol if it acutally works which i dubt very much but so what weed get drunk lol

  • Its free and easy to use, because of that it means that I can get good content without the issue of viruses, installments or anything particularly annoying

  • I like the way i get to download games so that i can play them on my computer at home every single day when i finish my homework and choress


Dead Island is a role-playing open world game developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver. Released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, this adventure is focused on survival in a zombie-infested paradisiacal island. Once you download Dead Island, you will become Sam B, Xian Mei, Purna or Logan Carter (each one has his or her own special abilities). Everything is all fun and partying...that is until people start eating other people. At first, our character is so drunk he or she does not notice anything and goes to sleep to his or her hotel room. However, the next morning you will notice that something is happening in your hotel since havoc is everywhere, with electrical problems, elevators that do not work, and people dropping off the balcony, etc.

A voice will guide you on your first steps to leave the hotel, and you will find a group of survivors that tell you everything is caused by an unknown virus that turns people into hungry zombies. You are immune, and your objective now is surviving as long as you can to manage to escape the island alive. Nevertheless, until you escape, you must help the people of Banoi (the island) and find supplies, weapons, or other items that you will be asked.

Everything is partying and fun until people starts eating other people

Graphically speaking, the game is marvellous. You will find yourself watching the detailed reflection in the sea beach, or the beautiful jungle environments (just don't watch them too long unless you want to be slaughtered by a zombie). In regards to the music, it has one of the best soundtracks I've ever listened to in a videogame. Developers have even composed a song for the intro named "Who Do You Voodoo" which is supposedly sung by Sam B. You can even destroy zombies to the beat of the music.

You can customize your weapons and create powerful kill-machines
You can customize your weapons and create powerful kill-machines

Gameplay and zombies

More than a first-person shooter; this adventure is centered in melée attacks. Indeed, you will only use ranged attacks to some special zombies or evil inhabitants of Banoi. As an open world gameplay style, you will have lots of side missions to play to get more experience points, items, weapons or simply, if you get bored of the main campaign. One of the strongest points of Dead Island is the customization of the weapons. You can start from a simple machete and finish with a powerful electrical machete surrounded by barbed wire that can defeat a zombie with just a single hit. Nevertheless, you need the blueprints to be able to customize a weapon and completing side missions is a good option to get them.

The Stamina bar is what will make your gameplay a bit complicated. As a regular person, your character will get tired if he or she performs physical actions such as running, jumping or using heavy arms. If you stand still, or simply walk, the bar will be automatically filling. When it completely depletes, you cannot do anything, so it's better if you carefully plan your movements.

As an RPG, you can upgrade your character by getting XP. You will have three skill trees in which you can spend your XP: Fury, Survival and Combat. Fury will level up the Fury Mode in which you can enter and provoke more damage for a limited amount of time. Survival will upgrade your resistance, and Combat upgrades the damage you cause, etc.

Ram zombies are the ones in straightjackets
Ram zombies are the ones in straightjackets

Throughout your adventure in Dead Island, you will find different kinds of zombies. The regular ones are the Walkers, slow zombies that are not a great threat unless you find them in a huge horde. The second least-dangerous zombie is the Thug. They are big zombies that cause a great damage since they can throw you some meters with just a punch. Then, you will find the Ram, a huge zombie in a straightjacket whose only weak point is in the back and once he spots you, he will run to you to try and stop you dead.

Up to this point, the zombies are more or less easy to avoid, but then, the Infected appear. They are like regular zombies, but they run. The following most dangerous are the Suiciders. They are deformed zombies that explode when you are closed to them, what will cause you an almost certain death. Floaters are undead who have been too long in the water, so they are swollen, and they can throw a corrosive slime that will hurt you and blind you. Finally, you will encounter the Butchers. They are fast, agile, and they have sharp bones instead of arms.

Lots of Walkers can be a problem for you
Lots of Walkers can be a problem for you

Dead Island Full Version Features

The outstanding features of Dead Island are listed below:

  • Amazing HD graphics that provide a detailed environment
  • Great music will accompany your throughout the adventure
  • Different kinds of zombies to offer a more varied gameplay
  • You are free to choose from amongst four characters with different abilities
  • You can customize your weapons to make the more deadly
  • Huge open world composed by different places of Banoi Island

If you are interested in Dead Island and you want more information before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s official website .

System Requirements

The minimum requirements needed to download this game to your PC are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later versions
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 @ 2.66 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 245
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT, NVidia GeForce 8600 GT or better
  • Compatible with DirectX 9
  • Hard Drive Space: 2 GB free