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Pocket Planes 1.9.9

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Pocket Planes is a simulation videogame developed by Nimblebit. This app was originally exclusive to iOS devices, but Mobage have released a new version for Android. The game follows the business management style seen in Tiny Tower, but this one takes it to a whole new level. Now you’re not the owner of a two hundred-story shopping mall, instead you own a thriving airline, and it is your duty to expand your business so it becomes worldwide!

You will earn coins to purchase new airports as you complete flights

Your mission is to fill your planes with either people or cargo (or both) , always trying to pick the ones that share the same destination. Bear in mind that planes have limited fuel, so you might have to take a layover in other airports to make it to your final destination safely. You are free to skip the flight duration by spending Bux, the premium currency in Pocket Planes. Even though Bux are “premium”, there are several ways in which you can earn them without using real money, such as participating in in-game events or taking special cargo to its destination.

How to Play

You start your empire with only one airport and small planes at your service. As you complete flights and take people to their desired destinations, you will earn coins to get new airports and increase the amount of potential clients for your airline. As you level up, new planes with more capacity and bigger fuel tanks will be available for you to buy, allowing your fleet to cover longer distances without making stops.

New planes can be acquired by gathering all the parts for each one of them. A plane needs an Engine, a Body and Controls. There are several kinds of plane for each category, so the part type must match it exactly. For instance, a Bearclaw-P engine won’t combine with a Bearclaw-C body. When you have collected all the parts of your new plane, the Build button will display a list of planes for which you have pieces and the ones for which you have the complete set. You can turn these into an aircraft for some Bux, based on the type of plane.

Pocket Planes 1.9.9 Features

Here you can check out the features of Pocket Planes before you download the app:

  • Start your own pixel airline and fly all over the world
  • Increase the size of your planes with new airplane models and cover longer distances
  • Buy additional airports in different countries to have new routes for your planes
  • Participate in events to earn extra Bux
  • Watch out for storms and other climatic phenomenons that will affect your travel routes

If you are interested in Pocket Planes and need additional information before you download the app, you can visit the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this game are:

  • Operating system: Android 2.0 or later, or iOS 5.0 or later
  • Hard disk: 19 MB of free space for Android, or 22.3 MB of free space for iOS