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Alpaca Evolution is a mobile game developed and published by Cocosola Inc. It's very difficult to try and put this game into a recognisable category, since it is one of the weirdest videogames you will ever see. Alpaca Evolution consists of creating the most powerful alpaca of the fields by absorbing other poor alpacas.

The game for itself isn't much of a marvel, graphically speaking. It has just three colors with some little variations, only a few different textures and its seems to have been drawn by a kid with watercolors. The music is not even outstanding - it seems like it has been borrowed from Heidi's TV cartoons, though thinking about it, it fits perfectly with Alpaca Evolution (at least until your alpaca becomes a weird mutant animal). Nevertheless, Alpaca Evolution has been very successful. It has achieved more than 4 million downloads in its first four months and more the following weeks, reaching the 5 million downloads up to day .

What is the reason for its incredible success? Maybe, its simplicity since the only thing you have to do is to tap again and again. However, I think that it is mere curiosity. You will keep on playing, even though you think the game is a total waste of your time, just for the curiosity of how your alpaca can evolve and which weird creature it will turn into.


As mentioned, Alpaca Evolution consists of knocking out your alpaca friends and absorbing them to become a mutant alpaca. Personally, I feel very bad for the rest of the poker-faced alpacas on the screen. They look so innocent, getting closer to their mutant alpaca mate without caring about why it looks so creepy, and then they are hit and absorbed. Nevertheless, my curiosity about how the mutant alpaca zero is going to evolve makes me keep hitting innocent alpacas.

It's difficult to put this game into a recognisable category, since it's one of the weirdest videogames you will ever see

Doing it is quite simple; you just have to tap on an alpaca to hit it and knock it unconscious. In order to absorb your alpaca pal, you have to tap on it again, and that is all. Now you are a remorseless mutant alpaca able to absorb your friends. Take into account that alpacas can recover after being hit, they are not dead. Therefore, it is better if you absorb the alpacas quickly and you avoid them the pain.

The more evolved you are, the more alpacas you are going to need to evolve again. This can be a drawback since the screen takes a few minutes to be filled with alpacas again. This way, you can do your daily activities, and when you remember you have Alpaca Evolution on your phone, get a glimpse and hit more alpacas to complete new stages.

It absorbs other alpacas
It absorbs other alpacas

Alpaca Evolution 1.0.27 Features

The main features of Alpaca Evolution are the next:

  • Simple controls: you just have to tap to play
  • Several stages for your mutant alpaca
  • Get experience points to evolve your alpaca by absorbing other alpacas
  • Watercolor-like graphics
  • Ability to share your alpaca’s stages in social networks

If you are like Alpaca Evolution and you want more information before you download this weird app, feel free to visit the .

System Requirements

If you want to download this app to your Android device, check out the following system requirements

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 FroYo or later
  • Free Space: 14 MB available

To download and play Alpaca Evolution on your iOS device, the minimum requirements are:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 or later
  • Free Space: 17 MB available



By Keyvo Kimaita

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This is a very simple game with a very simple gameplay in which the main objective of the game is to evolve your alpaca by absorbing other alpacas. You have to play till you get to know the creature that you alpaca will evolve or turn to. There is also some music that continues playing in the background as you play the game which makes the game a little bit of interesting to play though it’s not cool music anyway. Another thing that astonishes me in this game is the type of graphics that they have and sincerely speaking they are so poor that even they are not in any way appealing to the eyes of the gamers. There are also stages in which you have to pass in the game so as to complete the game successfully.


The following are the features of alpaca evolution 1.0.27

The alpaca evolves to some weird creature.

The game has various levels to play through


Surely the game is not worth it at all.


  • The game is quite interesting
  • game has some great storyline


  • the graphics are very poor
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