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Hungry Snake is the classic Snake game brought to the Android mobile platform. It has been developed by Marcin Radomski and published by Emer. Thanks to it, you can enjoy this old-school game on your smartphone. The videogame Snake as such has been in gamers' lives since 1998, when it was pre-loaded on to Nokia phones. However, you are not faced with a replica of the first Nokia Snake, this mobile version resembles the Snake EX and Snake EX2 versions since it has got 2D graphics with colors and textures.

The videogame Snake as such has been in gamers' lives since 1998, when it was pre-loaded on to Nokia phones

The free game is quite good in itself simply for being such a well-known videogame, and the graphics do their bit, but a noticeable letdown is the soundtrack. Basically, it has no soundtrack, no music, and no nothing. The only thing you will listen to when playing is the snake chewing the apples or other objects and you swearing for having lost. Even though the music of these kinds of games tend to be quite annoying, you will miss a bit of music when playing.


The gameplay is the one you expect when you download this app. You have to control the Hungry Snake and guide this way to the apples to make them grow and be faster. As you eat apples, your snake will move faster and longer and it will be more difficult to control it. The longer and faster the snake is, the less space and time you have to manoeuvre. However, you have objects such as the paper and the scissors. The first one slows down your snake and the second ones shrinks it, so you can have more space and time to win the level.

Yo can choose the map you want to play
Yo can choose the map you want to play

Apart from apples and supporting objects, you can collect coins. Coins serve to unlock certain features, for example, new skins for your snake or new maps to play in. You will have seven different maps with different features to choose from. The first one is unlocked by default, but for the rest you will have to spend coins. The second one need 20 coins and the following ones are all available for 40 coins.

In regards to the controls, you can choose between three different ways of controlling your snake. The first one is a divided screen in which depending on the edge you tap (right side, left side, etc.) the snake will move to one side or another. The second one consist of swiping your finger in a determined direction to move the snake, and finally, the relative controls, in which you have to tap the screen taking into account where the snake is. If you touch right below the snake, it will move down, if you tap on its left, it will move left, and so on.

Hungry Snake 1 Features

The main features of Hungry Snake are listed below:

  • Three different skins to customize your Hungry Snake with
  • Seven different worlds to play: Classic, No Walls, Separator, Roundabout, Cross, Rectangles and No Walls BIG
  • Ability to choose the way you control your snake
  • Old-school gameplay style
  • Items to support (or annoy) you when playing
  • Ability to collect coins to unlock more features

If you are interested in Hungry Snake and you want to know more about this classic before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download this app to your mobile device are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.1 Eclair or later
  • Free Space: 1.2 MB available