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Doodle Jump is an endless jumper platformer videogame that has been developed and published by Lima Sky LLC. The game has been released for several mobile platforms, including the more important ones Android and iOS. In addition, you can enjoy playing it on your Xbox 360 console thanks to Kinect. When playing, you will control The Doodler, a hand-drawn yellow creature that has to jump from platform to platform.

All that appears on screen looks like the developers have scribbled it in a notebook

What stands out in this app is the strong graphical aspect. All that appears on screen looks like the developers have scribbled it in a notebook. The varied and colorful backgrounds will let you enjoy every detail. In addition, you can enjoy different scenarios such as Christmas, Space, Underwater, or even Halloween.

Doodle Jump has achieved great success since it was released in 2009. More than 100 million copies have been sold thanks to its addictive gameplay. Due to this success, it has also been developed for more important platforms such as PC or for consoles. However, controls on mobile devices are smoother and easier to use thanks to the accelerometer that they have included.

Underwater is one of the worlds you can play
Underwater is one of the worlds you can play


When playing, you be able will control a strange alien creature that is able to shoot with his long nose. He will automatically jump from platform to platform. If he falls to the bottom of the screen, he will die. However, this is not the only way you can lose; the poor creature can be abducted by a UFO, absorbed by a supermassive black hole or even a monster can eat him.

Nevertheless, do not worry, you are not defenseless. Some power-ups such as jetpacks, propeller hats and rockets will boost you on your way to the unattainable top of the screen. You can also shoot the obstacles (especially monsters) on your path. The only thing you have to do is aim and shoot by tapping on the screen. Windows Phone and Android versions have the ability to set the aim automatically, so you just have to tap.

A great feature is that you can connect your game to your Facebook account, share your scores, and see the scores of your friends. On-screen, red lines will appear showing the highest position you friends have reached. This is very entertaining since it is a boost for you. If you see the red line of your friend, you will want to beat his or her score.

Doodle Jump 3.9 Features

The unique features of Doodle Jump are listed below:

  • Hand-drawn graphics
  • Lots of themed worlds to play: Space, Jungle, Halloween, Underwater, Ninja, Football, etc.
  • Funny obstacles to avoid, such as UFOs, black holes, monsters, etc.
  • Ability to connect with Facebook and share your scores
  • Power-ups to boost you

If you are interested in Doodle Jump, you can feel free to visit the developer’s official website to get more information about the game before you download the app.

System Requirements

To download this app to your Android device, the minimum requirements are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 FroYo or later
  • Free Space: Varies depending on the device

The minimum requirements to download it to your iOS device are:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 or later
  • Free Space: 30.9 MB available